Nicky Clayton and Mark Baldwin celebrate ten years of working together.

Nicky Clayton Mark Baldwin.jpgJoin The Royal Society for a festive evening celebrating the history of the Royal Society and the remarkable scientific artefacts and stories housed in its extensive, world-class archives.

What Wild Ecstasy, ©Eric Richmond, courtesy of Rambert
What Wild Ecstasy, ©Eric Richmond, courtesy of Rambert

This year’s theme, a Victorian Christmas, is inspired by the many extraordinary scientific discoveries made in the Victorian era, and the romance associated with this holiday and with science during the nineteenth century.

You will be treated to a special performance by the globally renowned Rambert contemporary dance company, showcasing acts from their spectacular and critically acclaimed Darwin-themed What Wild Ecstasyperformance. Hear the story behind this collaboration of science and art as told by Professor Nicky Clayton FRS (University of Cambridge and Scientist in Residence at Rambert) and Mark Baldwin OBE (former artistic director at Rambert).

The programme will include talks on science in Victorian fairy tales, astronomy in the 19th century, and Michael Faraday’s Christmas candle lecture, as well as festive activities such as printmaking greeting cards and mince pie molecular gastronomy.

You will also have the unique opportunity to explore the beautiful Carlton House Terrace in all its festive glory by candlelight.


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