Prof. Nicky Clayton FRS~ appearing at the International Convention of Psychological Science 2019


Nicky Clayton Clive Wilkins 2

Nicky Clayton Clive Wilkins

Dr. Edel Sanders and Dr. Julie Shaw of New York University with Professor’s Nicky Clayton and Clive Wilkins after their joint symposium presentations.


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Nicky Clayton and Mark Baldwin celebrate 10 years of working together with events at The Royal Academy of Arts and The Royal Society, London.

NickyClayton Mark Baldwin 3

NickyClayton MarkBaldwin

The perfect partnership~ at the Royal Academy

NickyClayton MarkBaldwin2

Mark and Nicky with dancers from the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary dance at The Royal Society

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Nicky Clayton and Mark Baldwin celebrate ten years of working together.

Nicky Clayton Mark Baldwin.jpgJoin The Royal Society for a festive evening celebrating the history of the Royal Society and the remarkable scientific artefacts and stories housed in its extensive, world-class archives.

What Wild Ecstasy, ©Eric Richmond, courtesy of Rambert
What Wild Ecstasy, ©Eric Richmond, courtesy of Rambert

This year’s theme, a Victorian Christmas, is inspired by the many extraordinary scientific discoveries made in the Victorian era, and the romance associated with this holiday and with science during the nineteenth century.

You will be treated to a special performance by the globally renowned Rambert contemporary dance company, showcasing acts from their spectacular and critically acclaimed Darwin-themed What Wild Ecstasyperformance. Hear the story behind this collaboration of science and art as told by Professor Nicky Clayton FRS (University of Cambridge and Scientist in Residence at Rambert) and Mark Baldwin OBE (former artistic director at Rambert).

The programme will include talks on science in Victorian fairy tales, astronomy in the 19th century, and Michael Faraday’s Christmas candle lecture, as well as festive activities such as printmaking greeting cards and mince pie molecular gastronomy.

You will also have the unique opportunity to explore the beautiful Carlton House Terrace in all its festive glory by candlelight.

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Nicky Clayton in ‘Savoir, Penser, Rêver’. The NEW book from Flammarion, featuring the lives of 12 important scientists.

Nicky Clayton.jpg

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15 top thinkers on innovations that will most change our lives by 2050. Ahead of Hay Festival 2018, WIRED magazine asked writers to paint their vision of the world in 30 years’ time~ with a contribution from Nicky Clayton and Clive Wilkins

wired-magazine-logo.pngThirty years ago, Stephen Hawking published A Brief History of Time, Steve Jobs unveiled the NeXT Computer, and Die Hard hit cinemas for the first time. The World Wide Web had not yet been invented.

A lot can change in a few short decades, whether guided by advances in science and technology or by changing ideas and politics. Ahead of the 2018 Hay Festival, WIRED asked 15 leading writers and thinkers to answer one question: Which innovation will most change the way we live by 2050?

Their responses – which range from driverless cars to neural implants, plus a rather unexpected bet on the return of snail mail can be seen at:

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Prof. Nicky Clayton FRS in conversation with the author Clive Wilkins at the Hay Festival 2018

hayfestival2018-clive-wilkins-nicky-clayton.jpgThe Captured Thought at the Hay Festival 2018. Official Photo. (HayFestival2018-5865.jpeg Paul Musso)

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The Moustachio Quartet at The Hay Festival 2018. The author Clive Wilkins talks to Prof. Nicky Clayton F.R.S.

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Clive Wilkins Nicky Clayton Hay Festival 2018.jpg

Best Clive Wilkins author Nicky Clayton FRS copy


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BBC2 Winter’s Weirdest Events. Prof. Nicky Clayton discusses snowboarding crows and tool use in corvids with Chris Packham

Nicky Clayton 2.jpg

Prof. Nicky Clayton 3.jpg


Filming took place in Cambridge botanical gardens on a warm November afternoon 2017. The programme was broadcast on Christmas Eve and repeated on Christmas Day.

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Nicky Clayton and Mark Coker discuss~ the minds of birds~ at The London School of Economics

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Nicky Clayton, Professor of Comparative Cognition, University of Cambridge
Mark Cocker, Author and naturalist

Jonathan Birch, Fellow, The Forum; Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, LSE

What is it like to be a bird? What do they think and how do they feel? What can comparative psychology tell us about the intelligence of birds? And what can we learn about birds, and about ourselves, from our encounters with them? In this dialogue, world-leading comparative psychologist Nicola Clayton and author and naturalist Mark Cocker give us a bird’s eye view on the world, and consider how human thought and culture have been shaped by interaction with birds.

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Nicky to appear on BBC2 Winter’s Weirdest Events- Xmas Special~ with Chris Packham. 24th December 2017.

Prof. Nicky Clayton will discuss remarkable footage of crows (corvids) engaged in some fascinating behaviour.

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